Our Services:

Open Technology Development provides services for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. Our primary areas of expertise to aid in their current and future product development. Let us help supplement your R&D efforts.

Systems design consulting services:
System design consulting, our extensive network of engineers and scientists allow us to offer unique system level solutions and development to suit your needs. We can help you with a variety of aspects of your product design whether it is a single component or to take a concept into working prototype. We specialize in Aerospace, Optics, Energy, RF and IT fields.

Industry and university research surveys:
With the exciting exponential growth of research and development in the world we periodically perform surveys of the latest technologies in available and in development. General surveys are available for free on our website (link) and we do offer customize surveys of technologies for our clients, if interested in a custom survey please contact us (link).

By staying aware of the latest technology developments also help us ensure that we offer our clients the most robust solutions to our clients we endeavor to always expand our knowledge of available technologies both in developed manufactured products i.e. COTS as well as university research level technologies.

Product Marketing:
Already have a product but need to get more exposure, let us help you. Whether your product is a consumer product or a product that for a specific niche industry, we can perform market surveys for your product, help you develop a marketing plan and aid in the development of your marketing materials and presentations. Our staff has extensive experience in marketing products ranging from consumer products to the defense industry, let us help you take your idea and product to its full potential.