About Open Technology Development:
Founded in 2006 Open Technology Development, a design-consulting group that specializes in facilitating the conversion of fundamental research technologies to viable production ready products.

Our primary areas of focus are:

  • To align our clients with new technologies to boost their existing products.
  • To foster an environment to connect research and industry organizations to create new products.
  • To incubate new technologies into viable new product markets.
  • Aiding individuals, organizations, etc to network and create new research and products.
  • Internal R&D products to bolster our knowledge to offer our clients better solutions and value from our products and services.

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About the Open Technology Development Blog:
The technology blog, started in 2009, by Open Technology Development’s founder Scott Yee as a means create an open conversation of various technical topics, help guide developments of new technologies and promote new research so they may be further developed.  Open Technology Development intends to further their goal to create useful tools and products for others in various research fields to aid in collaborative technology development for the public and industry.

Primary goals for our blog:

  • Inform
  • Inspire innovation
  • Accelerate development of new technologies
  • Connect people and organizations of similar interests
  • Civil conversation regarding pros and cons of various technical topics

About the Author:
Scott Yee, Technologist, Consultant, Aerospace Engineer and owner of Open Technology Development, LLC.
I am a native to Arizona where I have worked in the fields of R&D and engineering for over 10 years.  My technical expertise range from: embryonic optics/photonics to consumer product marketing.  I have always enjoyed helping companies and individual develop new ideas or help them take their ideas from concept to prototype.  It is the hard work of development that is the most rewarding as in most journeys.  After all an idea is only an idea as Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

I truly hope that you enjoy my ramblings, and that it will provoke a conversation to further develop advancements we can all be passionate about.

If you are interested in learning more of my past work and experience:

Solid State Lighting (SSL) Systems:
3+ years experience in developing Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting systems.  Designed and implementation of optical lab measurement systems for Ultra High Brightness (UHB) LEDs.

Photovoltaics and Automotive System Design:
Led a team of university research students in the development of solar powered vehicles for 3 years.  Managed design for mechanical, electrical and aerodynamics of a competition solar vehicle.

Consumer Product Development:
Participated in partnership with a team of entrepreneurs to design, develop and market a consumer paper based product.  Our team successfully produced and patented a prototype for sale to a Fortune 25 company.

Research, Design and Implementation of Aerospace Systems:

9+ years aerospace systems design architecture.  Performed several investigations of emerging optical systems for Boeing Phantom Works as a primary research engineer/scientist.

Aerospace R&D Program Management:
3+ years experience in program management and team leadership roles for various R&D and product development.  Lead proprietary DOD research programs as the primary program manager for Boeing Phantom Works.  Assigned as principle investigator for several multiple million-dollar IRaD and CRaD embryonic optical system R&D programs.  2+ years experience in team lead role to determine the use of solar cells to supplement ground and air platform power needs.

UAV Systems Design:

2+ years experience in design and analysis of conceptual and prototype UAVs.  Lead multiple integration teams for avionics and power plant for an experimental micro-UAV.  Performed aircraft sizing analysis and design for a mini-UAV.  Participated in several research studies to investigate embryonic technologies that can be implemented into UAV systems.

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